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Lending Loop Review

Lending Loop

I don’t work for or receive anything from Lending Loop. I just really like their platform and think they are a solid company, so I want to promote them. Any time you see Lending Loop (referral link), it is, as you can imagine, a referral link. If you us the link and lend a total of $1,500 then we each get $25 added to our accounts. Quick Overview I’ve been using Lending Loop as part of my […]

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Using Money Wisely

Personal Finance

Today’s post is my take on using money wisely. In today’s economic climate it seems that fiscal responsibility has been thrown to the wayside.  Cheap credit for everyone, decent paying jobs and the instant gratification mentality really seems to have put us all in a very precarious position.  Couple this with peoples’ lack of desire to learn about finances (as boring as it may seem) and even governmental policies (waaaaay more boring even)…and now we have a […]

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